620 Briarcliff Road   Lumberton, NC 28358  (910)-384-2310
    Arrested Potential Inc.’s purpose is to create values systems and educational skills sets for 

students who have difficulty meeting benchmarks in the two Common Core proficiencies of 

reading and math through tutoring and the use of the computer lab. Arrested Potential, Inc. seeks 

to demonstrate the use of audio and visual stimuli/aids and enrichment activities which will facilitate 

the improvement of academic achievement in the Common Core areas and provide an effective 

method that improves opportunity, the quality of life for at-risk students  and their parents. The 

impact of the program(s) is important in regards to closing gap between failure and success for 

these students.  More important is finding out whether some of these students can learn to 

be more  successful when they receive a combination of tutoring, use of technology aids and 

increased parental support as coaches in the learning process